Regionalism, Urbanism and Common Core Standards

If you are a parent or taxpayer reading this blog because you are concerned about federal interference in your town’s planning and zoning practices, you should also be very interested in what is going on in our schools. In addition to the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations (all NGOs or private entities with no right to make law) writing politically motivated lesson plans for our kids in America’s schools, we now have the urban planners who are regionalists.

In this very informative article from 2016, you can read about how regionalism and urbanism, justified by the federal government’s “sustainability” goals, are among the political and social goals being infused into the curriculum of the students of New Hampshire, and the rest of the country.


Property Rights Under Attack in Science Standards

“Property rights are even under attack in the NGSS. When human beings are the problem, property rights must also be restricted and possibly eliminated.

“Urban planning” HS-ESS3-3 is included in the standards to reduce human impact. Urban planning is a way of controlling property rights through growth boundaries, high-density housing, fewer cars, and more public transportation. This puts the government in control of development and land use. If New Hampshire is going to use political dogma as science standards, there should be an emphasis on the importance of private property rights too.

With the emphasis on carbon dioxide emissions and how it relates to the economy, the NGSS makes carbon dioxide and urban planning a tool, to prevent global warming. These are social and political goals, but NOT science. By having students focus on social issues, the NGSS are used to indoctrinate students into a political ideology. The solutions are having the federal and state governments exercise control over the economy and our lives.

Public schools will graduate students with a new world view but they will not be prepared for a career or college in the science field. As this science educator of 24 years says, “The Next Generation approach is designed to develop “global citizen” awareness and ignores the needs of high achieving and most average students at the secondary level who already have clear career goals in mind.” The Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards are low-level standards that will teach your children some academic content, but will not give them the quality they need, if they have higher aspirations.

Several states had superior science standards prior to Common Core. New Hampshire students are being shortchanged when our Commissioner and Department of Education does not even talk about higher quality science standards for our children.”

Read more… …from parent activist, education researcher and speaker Ann Marie Banfield, who serves as the VOLUNTEER education liaison for a Cornerstone NH and SCCNH.