Still Think It’s Not Real?

The UN is still hard at work, planning to organize us under their vision of government divisions.

The UN’s New Urban Agenda is not just for cities, but for rural populations as well, all of whom will be ‘assigned’ to their nearest city-region. Sustainable Development and city planning if part and parcel of Technocracy.⁃ TN Editor

The phrase “human settlement” formally entered the United Nations lexicon during the Habitat I conference held in Vancouver in 1976, coined to acknowledge that all settlements, whether urban or rural, fell under the purview of the U.N.’s new Human Settlements Programme, now known as UN-Habitat.

Now, the Habitat Agenda has been supplanted by a new strategy: the New Urban Agenda, the consensus declaration adopted at Habitat III. In name, at least, this is a document that focuses explicitly on the urban. So how does this new strategy look at the rural end of the spectrum?

For the most part, the rural finds mention in the 24-page document as part of a compound: “urban-rural”. The agenda doesn’t have a separate vision for rural settlements and rural development; rather, it links the growth of urban development with that of rural areas. The resulting “urban-rural linkages” came to receive significant attention during the run-up to Habitat III, including in a technical “issue paper” that described these linkages as “flows of people, capital, goods, employment, information and technology”.

New Urban Agenda: Regional Planning Integrates Control Over Urban And Rural Populations

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