There Goes Vermont!

The Rutland Herald reports:

“The department has a contract with Congress for the New Urbanism, which according to its website is an international nonprofit organization “working to build vibrant communities where people have diverse choices for how they live, work and get around.”

Hanford said CNU has a track record for this sort of work and will give and receive information from Vermont’s cities and towns on what regulatory obstacles they’re facing. This meeting is scheduled for July 10. Among those invited are several mayors and the leaders of various regional planning commissions.”

We suspect Vermont doesn’t know or understand who this radical organization really is. Their founder is Andrés Duany, a Cuban national who has risen in the ranks of city planners to become the country’s biggest promoter of regionalism and fascism, by his own admission.

If Vermont doesn’t want to be a low-income housing magnet, they will sever all ties with this radical organization.