Agenda 21 in Pinardville

Girard at Large hits the nail on the head in these two clips of this morning’s show.

This is going on all over the country.

The names of the plans are different but the goal is the same — control of property and herding people into urban areas while limiting rural development using “sprawl” as an excuse.

Mixed use zoning is so that people will have to live and shop and work in the same place and not use cars.

Eventually HUD will be determining local zoning laws to create more racially and economically mixed neighborhoods as they already have been doing with mixed use zoning.

Forced integration if you will…

Yes the regional planners are just another layer of unelected government bureaucrats putting the people further from the governmental process and the “stakeholders” are the crony capitalists who stand to benefit from the resulting projects

It’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore.

See what HUD has planned for your local town.

Here is an entry from the Federal Register that lays out the plan for Agenda 21: (click for larger view)