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Monadnock Region Invaded by Urbanism

To the Editor;

The Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC) says it will host five focus group meetings over the next month-plus to develop a “better understanding of the needs of all age groups in the Monadnock region”.

The Southwest Regional Planning Commission is not telling you the full truth about where this program originated. It is a push by the UN, the World Health Association and in conjunction with the AARP (all unelected and unaccountable private groups) to “urbanize” your rural town under the guise of making it more “livable”.

The bottom line is, it just means they want to build more “stack’n’pack” housing and begin “citifying” your rural areas. Many of those areas will become off limits to single-family homes.

Make no mistake… this is part of a bigger agenda known as Agenda2, revised title Agenda2030.

Question the legality of calling in these private unelected and unaccountable groups who will conduct these input sessions that very few people will attend. Make no mistake, but the conclusions gathered from the “data” will be and are already pre-determined. The UN/WHO are using the AARP, private groups like Tufts, and through your RPC will impose their control on every aspect of your lives — “housing, transportation, employment, social engagement, and civic participation” per their words. They want to control where you live, work, and how you travel and communicate and participate. They even want to control your social life. Very few people will take or even see their “surveys” which will be a carbon copy of what was presented in other towns.

“SWRPC would like to get another grant so they can work with some communities individually on specific strategies to implement changes”. You bet they want to “help”. But we doubt anyone in those towns asked for help.

“We don’t want to see an unhealthy balance,” Murphy said. What right do these outside organizations have to determine what is and isn’t a “healthy balance” regarding who lives where, and how?

“…finding out how to maintain and attract the younger population” simply means financial incentives to new graduates (SB 12), and low income housing, in the form of apartment buildings cluttering up your beautiful landscape. Every manufactured “need” will be used as an excuse.

Please visit our website to learn the shocking implications of this push and see how the residents of Bedford fought “new urbanism” and won.

Jane Aitken, Founder

Note: Conversations will take place on May 16 at the Winchester Town Hall, May 22 at the Antrim Town Hall, May 30 at Whitcomb Hall in Swanzey, June 3 at the Jaffrey Town Office, and June 5 at the Walpole Town Hall.