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Who to Primary in September of 2024?

Want to know who to primary in September? Any Republican pushing this agenda nationally or in NH…

We in NH have this anti-Granite State Future/Regionalism website called (note the ‘s’). You are reading it now.

We called out the “Congressional Smart Cities Caucus” that was created in the US legislature to Tom DeWeese who did not even know about it!

NH’s “Granite State Future” program was the ‘Master Plan’ for the state, bent on infusing Agenda 21 principles into every town. They (Republicans!) tried to sue us for this website. We said, ‘bring it on, and see you in court’ and they backed down.

We also noted the “Strong Towns” agenda back in 2022 with our ‘friend’ who founded “New Urbanism” Andrés Duany.

And, the fact that legislation was signed in 2018 to make basically UN Agenda 21 part of our national mission was lost on the faithful sheep who still support Trump.

Here They Go AGAIN!

We were just alerted to this new effort: Strong Towns Movement

Just like the “Smart Cities Caucus” we exposed previously their ‘plan’ is the embodiment of an attack on suburbia, cars and home ownership, and promotion of the UN’s vision for everyone.

It is NOT surprising therefore, that Andrés Duany is featured prominently on their website without a caption stating who he is.

It is also not surprising that they shun cars and likely will claim that public transit, such as commuter rail, is more financially viable.

Andres Duany

Destroying the NH Advantage – Commuter Rail

Commuter rail is another piece of the ‘urbanization’ puzzle that originated with the United Nations’ global goals, a.k.a. Agenda 21 (now called Agenda 2030) to get us out of our cars, in an effort to reduce ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’.

Republicans are drinking the koolaid on this as well as Democrats.


Recently on Facebook we saw US Congressman Chris Pappas and others planning to use the Federal ‘infrastructure’ bill to further their goal of bringing commuter rail to NH.

Research on this issue demonstrates that the ever-bankrupt MBTA would not alleviate pollution OR traffic, and minimal ridership would not justify the system financially. It is not surprising that there is no rail system in this country or abroad that does not run in bankruptcy!

All the facts including the NH DOT’s own study are included in the information sheet below. Even the NH DOT study stated that in order to begin the process of funding such a system NH would need to institute a SALES OR INCOME TAX — OR BOTH!

Additional facts and testimony from a respected retired transit engineer are also included.

Please download the Commuter Rail Fact Sheet:

ACTION ITEM: Please write to ALL NH SENATORS AND NH REPRESENTATIVES to let them know that the NH Advantage will not benefit from commuter rail.

Email the full NH House and NH Senate and tell them NOT to violate their Pledge against broad-based taxes:

Let’s keep supporting the NH Advantage by stopping wasteful spending, and opposing broad-based taxes, which would be a GIVEN if commuter rail were allowed to go forward!

The Origins of Evil – Agenda 2030

We have followed the late Henry Lamb for a long time and he is still a great resource. Why do we have trouble getting people to understand that low income housing, high density influx, is merely one facet of Agenda 2030?

People think they are going to stop socialism by voting for a ‘conservative’ for president (what a joke that is) but fail to do anything about the socialism that is right under their noses in their own home towns. They would rather argue and post memes about liberals while their own leaders are sending them down the same path.

Please read the article and watch Henry’s video… it’s old, but everything he said has come true and you are seeing it now with towns forced to have bike paths, etc. and the state attempting to tax everything that moves, and most importantly, FORCING TOWNS TO ALLOW HIGH-DENSITY HOUSING.

Read more at American Policy

NH Governor Pushes Agenda 21/2030

By interfering with housing, allowing commuter rail plans to go forward, and now discussing the installment of windmills, the NH Governor is doing exactly what Gavin Newsom in California tried doing with SB50 — he is in fact, promoting local Agenda 21/2030.

And You Thought You Were Safe in NH?

Many local groups have awakened to his plans and what they it mean for their towns, but now towns are being attacked from the State level thanks to the Governor and his two Carsey Institute graduates.

In California, the legislature had the brains to NIX Newsom’s bill.

“SB50, which claimed to have addressed the state housing shortage, was a form of bureaucratic overreach that essentially would have stripped local governments’ ability to enact their own zoning laws, consolidating that power in Sacramento.”

That is exactly what HB 1629, HB 1632, and HB 1248 would do for NH,

NH residents need to get active and let the legislature and the Governor know that this is not the state’s purview to mitigate a phony housing shortage, or to award developers with perks taken from the middle class’ taxes.

Write to them both at: and

Please keep up with all these issues here, bill numbers and other information.

The “Green New Deal” IS Agenda 21

Sununu’s Housing Plan and the push for commuter rail is just part of the “Green New Deal”. So is commuter rail… both being forced upon NH.

“State legislatures are passing bills to eliminate single family housing protection, instead allowing high-rise apartments and public housing to invade such neighborhoods, destroying property values.”

Read more.. American Policy Center

The High Density Delusion

These two articles by Edward Ring explain perfectly what we have been saying all along — the high density craze will help destroy the middle class and make single-family home ownership even more difficult.

Currently in NH, the Governor is pushing high-density by promoting two bills that will impose mandates on local boards, and reward developers further for high-density projects.

The taxpayers will take up the slack when services are overburdened and in need of expansion. Not everyone wants to live in a city, or have their rural, semi-rural town be attached to one.

“Most Americans aren’t racist. But they rightly have an aversion to spending their life’s savings to purchase a home in a neighborhood with a certain ambiance, only to then have their taxes increased so people who could never earn enough money to live in their neighborhood come in and live there anyway.”

“Why should anyone work hard their entire life, creating generational wealth, if the neighborhoods where they’ve fought so hard to be able to live are suddenly filled with people who in many cases didn’t have to work at all to live there?”

Read more… Density Ideology Will Destroy America

“On the question of unaffordable housing, however, the opposite is true. Unlike the healthy debate being waged across America on the topic of healthcare, the debate over housing solutions—if one even wants to call it a debate—is decidedly unhealthy. Basic premises go unchallenged. Basic assumptions and options are off the table, considered beyond debate. If the debate over housing policy remains a stunted facsimile of genuine debate, Americans will not only be condemned to purchase barely affordable housing, but their new housing options will be almost exclusively limited to homes on ever-smaller lots—or apartments—in increasingly crowded cities.”

Read more… The Density Delusion

Please read both articles in full for amazing charts and graphs showing statistics and current state of land use in the US.

And don’t forget to ask your State Representatives and Senators to REJECT HB 1629 and HB 1632

About the Author of the above articles:

Edward Ring is a senior fellow of the Center for American Greatness. He is a co-founder of the California Policy Center, a free-market think tank based in Southern California, where he served as their first president. He is a prolific writer on the topics of political reform and sustainable economic development. Ring, a fifth-generation Californian, has an undergraduate degree in political science from UC Davis, and an MBA in finance from the University of Southern California.

Australian Bushfires Were SET

Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

“Australia is committed to the Agenda 2030 plan, which advocates for the implementation of radical changes to the central role of ownership rights of land and natural resources over the next decade.

Linking this plan, authorities are currently developing a number of smart city initiatives in direct response, promising locations full of ‘sustainable’ programs that monitor a variety of human activities.

Could it be that current bushfires across the country are part of this plan as well? What is the hidden agenda?

In the following, we explore the Australian bushfire ‘crisis’, including the course of events, weather and geoengineering, CLARA’s high-speed train network proposal and links to the UN-driven smart city agenda.”

Australia is no different than the USA where our State Dept is fully committed to Agenda 2030. A permanent ‘smart cities caucus’ has been embedded into our US Congress by a Republican no less!

Everything in this very important article is being DONE, or is being attempted to be done IN THE USA.


“For those who are unaware, the Australian government has committed to a new “Smart Cities Plan”, which sets out the government’s vision for ‘productive and livable cities’ in the near future.

The plan represents a framework for cities policy at the federal level, and it will guide action across various portfolios to deliver ‘sustainable’ outcomes for cities and the people who live in them.

The Smart Cities Plan sets out the Australian government’s vision for our cities, and it includes three pillars: Smart Investment, Smart Policy and Smart Technology.

Key domestic initiatives include the Smart Cities Plan, City Deals, the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program and the National Cities Performance Framework.”

Please read the full article here to take advantage of all the embedded links.

The Slippery Slope: Outlaw Private Property

If you thought it was outrageous that some states have outlawed single-family zoning, you should be horrified at the suggestion that all private property should be outlawed.

In this article from The Nation, the author somehow suggests that rural property owners are ‘unsafe’ and hurting the environment, as if the fires that struck were their fault.

The subtitle of the article states “If we want to keep cities safe in the face of climate change, we need to seriously question the ideal of private homeownership.”

Further their article concludes that somehow, private property ownership is racist or exclusionary.

“If we can reframe debates about the future of cities beyond rote acceptance of property ownership, it will free up space for us to think about new, more just, and climate-attuned modes of urban living. Responding to climate change in just ways entails radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting against or adapting to climate change impacts, and doing all of it without further marginalizing oppressed groups of people.”

You will note that many years ago when we created this website, we included a quote in the right sidebar from the United Nations, which basically said the same thing — property should only be owned by the government.

“Land… cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.
Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….”

~ Item #10 in the UN agenda at the 1976 Habitat 1.

Everyone should be concerned, since American delegates supported this policy…

Read more at The Nation