SMARTGRID: The Coming Technocracy

Read about a utopian world where all energy usage is controlled from a central point, even your thermostat and well.

Smart Grid

From the Tea Party website we find this:

Please call or write to your Senators and Congressmen to express your opposition to the HR2685 Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013

This bill will make it mandatory to create the Smart Grid and require every state to join and put a Smart Meter on every house. We will also end up paying for other countries to join the Grid. If you think NSA was watching everything you do now, just wait until this Grid is developed.

The Grid will essentially make the connection between the three countries as part of the NAU. This will effect all water, electrical, and gas distribution (including free standing wells).

The group that is promoting this is called Smart Grid Interoperability Panel or SGIP and it is headed up by a long time leader within the UN.

PLEASE OPPOSE HR2685 (Electric Grid)
PLEASE SUPPORT HR75 (Get the US out of the UN)

Here are some excerpts from the bill, compliments of

(1.) Section 2 (4) defines Load-serving entity as an entity that “provides electricity directly to retail consumers with the responsibility to assure power quality and reliability, including such entities that are investor-owned, publicly owned, owned by rural electric cooperatives, or other entities.” In other words, all electricity providers.

(2.) Section 5 (a) says “each load-serving entity, or, at the option of the State, each State with respect to load-serving entities that the State regulates, shall determine and publish peak demand reduction goals for any load-serving entities that have an applicable baseline in excess of 250 megawatts.” In other words every provider has to reduce the amount of electricity provided.

(3.) Section 5 (c)(4) says that “…peak demand reduction goals shall provide that…” “…are realistically achievable with an aggressive effort to deploy Smart Grid”

(4.) Section 5 (d) says Each load-serving entity shall prepare a peak demand reduction plan through either/and “direct reduction in megawatts of peak demand through energy efficiency measures or use of a Smart Grid”. This will be forced through rationing and price increases.

(5.) Section 6 changes key wording in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Wording changes:
“striking ‘reduce energy consumption during the 4-year period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act’ and inserting ‘increase energy efficiency and to adopt Smart Grid technology and practices’.” “inserting after subparagraph (C) the following: ‘(D) purchasing and utilizing equipment that includes Smart Grid features and capability’ ” “by inserting ‘and smart’ after ‘efficient’ and by inserting after ‘products’ the first place it appears ‘, including products designated as being smart appliances’.”

(6.) PEAK DEMAND REDUCTION- The term ‘peak demand reduction’ means the reduction in annual peak demand as compared to a previous baseline year or period, expressed in megawatts (MW), whether accomplished by–

(A) diminishing the end-use requirements for electricity; RATIONING AND PRICE INCREASES

(B) use of locally stored energy or generated electricity to meet those requirements from distributed resources on the load-serving entity’s customers’ premises and without use of high-voltage transmission; or

(C) energy savings from efficient operation of the distribution grid resulting from the use of a Smart Grid.