Beware Federal Grants from HUD Coming to Change YOUR Town

Here is a recent document from NH House on Community Planning Grants, Round 2 Awards – Project Summaries:

Is Your Town Subject to a Federal Grant?

We have summarized what to watch for. Note, these federal grants in all cases mean more regulation, and in some cases, more taxes, even in towns that have rejected the Granite State Future program.

Alton – Workforce Housing Assessment and Ordinance“…will result in the drafting of new regulatory language to be presented for ballot vote in 2014.”

Amherst – Water Resource Protection“…water resource related ordinances and regulations, to combine, simplify and update with best management practices…”

Bedford – Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity Master Plan“…long range master plan for all pedestrians and bicycle routes, to develop a priority implementation schedule, and to recommend changes to the zoning ordinance and land development control regulations to require the installation of these important features during development and redevelopment projects.”

Bow – Density Transfer Credit / Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance“The town will identify “sending” and “receiving” areas to concurrently protect important natural resources and increase the density of residential and commercial development elsewhere to utilize infrastructure capacity.”

Claremont – Business Corridor Project – (will continue, unless stopped)

Concord – Penacook Mixed-Use Village District.“The city will establish a mixed-use village center district for downtown Penacook.” and “Ideally the district will be a hybrid form based code which will still allow the city to define appropriate land uses for the village center”

Deerfield – Village Zoning District“…new zoning district will be proposed for the 2014 March town meeting.”

Dover – Inclusionary Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Tax Increment Financing (TIF)“…promote inclusionary housing development close to the city’s mass transit options. The redevelopment should include creating mixed use buildings…”

Farmington – Route 11 High Density Development Plan and RSA 79-E District“The town will develop a high density development plan for locations along the NH Route 11 corridor…”

Greenfield – Neighborhood Heritage District“…the town will now embark on the creation of a neighborhood heritage district with the assistance of the NH Preservation Alliance…”

Lancaster“The town will develop changes for its zoning ordinance in the commercial district of Main Street for adoption at the March 2014 town meeting. The changes are based on recommendations listed in a recently completed regulation and policy audit, including form based codes, increased multi-family housing densities and other alternative techniques to maintain and enhance the existing commercial vibrancy and village character of the area.”

Lebanon – Form Based Code and Multi-Family Housing“The city will examine regulations related to mixed residential and commercial uses and performance area zoning to allow greater sensitivity in existing land use zones and to clarify and refine areas designed as mixed use in the existing master plan future land use map.”

Litchfield – Commercial Zoning and Agricultural Preservation Project.“…the planning board will revise the zoning map to reflect those preferred development outcomes, update zoning for commercial and industrial uses, and develop an agricultural preservation ordinance to ensure balanced opportunities for growth and agricultural preservation.”

Milford – Inclusionary Housing Cluster Development Ordinance.“The town will develop a comprehensive cluster residential development regulation incorporating master plan goals for inclusionary zoning and affordable housing choice…”

Northfield – Mixed Use Zoning and Village Design Guidelines“The project involves conducting a planning and visioning program for the purpose of preparing a village area / mixed use zoning district along with design guidelines for the village area.”

Pelham – Mixed Use Zoning and Low Impact Development“This project will implement low impact development provisions and regulations and facilitate a mixed-use district zoning change to be prepared for the 2014 March town meeting.”

Rindge – West Rindge Village Mixed Use Project“The town’s recent Plan NH Charrette and CPG Round 1 regulatory review recommended the adoption of design guidelines or regulations.”

Salisbury – Village Center Visioning Project“The town will assemble residents to sketch out what its village retail district (the “Crossroads”) might look like in 10 or 20 years.”

Sanbornton – Workforce Housing Regulations“The town will amend its existing land use regulations to facilitate the construction of workforce housing.”

Seabrook – Route 107 Land Use and Resource Protection Plan“… long-range plan including zoning, access management, land development standards,…”

Springfield – Town-wide Wetlands Regulation Project“The town will amend its wetland regulations to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between sustaining the town’s identity as a rural community, including its water resources and natural habitat, and maintaining property owners’ reasonable use of their land.”

Only the PEOPLE can stop this madness by attending their town meetings starting in January of 2014.