Heads Up Dover!

According to this article in Seacoast Online: An education conversation: A time for all of Dover to engage, “Dover Listens will host a Community Conversation on Education this year. Planning and information sharing will take place this fall, and thoughtful, extended conversations will be organized for January and February of 2014.”

The article states in part that “Dover Listens is a nonaffiliated, diverse group of citizens whose sole purpose is to provide a safe and fair forum for its diverse residents to get informed, discuss community issues, and ultimately help shape the future of Dover. Ensuring and securing a range of perspectives is critical to our mission.”

They neglected to tell you that “Dover Listens” is the PR firm for the Strafford Regional Planning Commission which is basically an unelected board of lobbyists for HUD’s mission for Dover and other towns and cities in the area.

If you do not attend and steer the conversation yourself, you will be sent in a predetermined direction.

Please watch the SRPC’s webpage for the dates of these 2014 sessions on Education. You might find that something you already voted down, being brought up again.