RPCS Know Their Days Are Numbered

At around 00:25:00 the NGO trade association for the unelected RPCs and their ‘lobbyist’ go over the proposed NH legislation that would stand in the way of their ‘work’, work that you and I did not ask for, but that we are paying for with our tax dollars.

No more grants without some sort of public oversight
No more lobbying the NH legislature on behalf of the federal government with our tax dollars
No forced ‘workforce housing’ laws
No more RPCs by 2015 – DISSOLVED

For unelected boards that are supposed to be ‘advisory-only’, these highly paid bureaucrats sound pretty smug and sure of themselves. But after 40+ years, people are finallly waking up to this sanctioned corruption and they are not going to stand for it anymore.

PS – This is a perfect example of crony capitalism and undue influence and gross violation of the GOP platform.