Rep Cormier Speaks on HB 1573

Activist Susan Olsen and NH State Rep Jane Cormier recorded a good solid radio show on the problems with the NH Regional Planning Commissions on the December 27th edition of WTPL 107.7 “The Pulse” while sitting in for Brian “Bulldog” Tilton.

They hear from noted activists Tim Carter, Ken Eyring, Skip Murphy, and Jane Aitken who call in to talk about how this issue is being brought to the attention of legislators and voters.

RPCs were created in 1969 by RSA 36 but voters feel that they have gone far beyond their purview by becoming lobbyists for the federal government, which by the way, should be illegal according to NH statutes.

RPCs have noticed activity and have stepped up their propaganda machine with communications and lobbying to the NH legislature, using our tax money of course.

When bills come up for scrutiny before committees you can be sure their representatives will be there. This means we need to be there as well.

Most legislators don’t even know what RPCs are about or what they do. Proof of this is in the email one legislator wrote to GSFs stating that he wasn’t concerned about what the RPCs were doing because after all, we “elected these folks to make decisions for us”. Trouble is, we didn’t. And as caller Dave from Weare stated, legislators need to be aware of just who is calling them to lobby for the federal government and we need to watch what deals come to these legislators as a result of these regional projects.