Big Turnout for HB 1573

Yesterday supporters of HB 1573 (a bill to rid us of this regional nightmare in NH) was heard before the Municipal and County Government Committee of the NH House of Representatives.

Rep Jane Cormier, the sponsor of the bill, kicked off the testimony.

Reports were that the chairperson, Rep. Porter, said at the opening of the hearing that it was the biggest attendance by the public she’s ever seen at any of her committee meetings.

It was standing room only. Many packed along the wall and a few in the hallway.

So many wanted to testify, that each person was only given three minutes.

According to one activist in attendance, “Everyone testifying AGAINST the bill, of course, had a dog in the fight. Some financial interest. All testifying in SUPPORT also had a dog in the fight, “our private property RIGHTS.””

You can still write to the committee in support of this bill!

Follow its status here.

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