Mayor Bloomberg is a Dangerous Man

Bad enough he’s meddled in NH business when it comes to second amendment rights, he’s now working for the globalists in order to impose their planned urban-based regional society upon America.

Find out if your city is involved.

Bloomberg is the president of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (CCLG) which is comprised of 63 mayors from 40 major cities across the world collaboratively who have decided to alter the landscape of their cities to reflect answers to global warming by implementing Agenda 21 incrementally.

The C40 has expanded to 58 cities that use UN Agenda 21 regulations to monitor global populations, decrease CO2 emissions and affect the global gross domestic product (GDP). Being major cities, they have a tremendous influence over setting the standard for a “low carbon economy”.

What a shame we have some conservatives in NH that won’t do anything to stop this. They had their chance with HB 1573.

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