Keene Sentinel’s Sour Grapes

Here is a recent editorial decrying the will of the people of Rindge. They have rejected unelected regional boards, as all towns should.

“Not only did they defeat the warrant article to implement the overlay zone, they separately voted to remove those ideas and everything else that came out of the charrette from the town’s master plan. Then they voted to not allow the town to accept any funding from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development without town meeting’s OK. They did this because a HUD grant had funded the charrette and because of the unfounded fear that once the town accepts money from the federal government, local residents will have no say in the running of the town.”

This is correct. Once money is taken from HUD, HUD requires zoning and planning changes that eventually may not be in control of the people.

Everyone should take an example from Rindge.

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