HB 1124 Must Be Stopped in NH Senate

The NH Municipal Association, using our tax dollars, lobbied to support HB 1124.

This bill permits towns to opt out of official ballot voting requirements for the consideration and adoption of zoning ordinances.

It gives the towns more time to hold hearings and loosens up the requirements for placing the changes on the town’s ballot, etc. But could it work toward removal of the voter’s right to have a say in zoning changes at all?

This passed the NH House.

Whether this bill would give the right of towns to opt out of official ballot voting at all, is what we are concerned about. This is the goal of the Regional Planning Commissions, however.

This bill must be watched for when it gets to the NH Senate.

Please ask your NH Senators to make sure it does NOT remove the right of the voters to approve zoning changes as that would give RPCs too much power over the local boards.