The Wildlands Project – Agenda 21

This past month, the government reinforced locks and installed new fences on the private property of a rancher in New Mexico to protect a mouse and to block the cattle from a watering hole (story below); they are looking to steal land along the Red River; and they are squeezing out ranchers throughout the West, taking the land off the tax roles and turning it over to mice, chicken, lizards, and frogs.

The land grabs began more than two decades ago.

Thanks to the extremists involved in The Wildlands Project of 1992 and their cozy relationship with greedy government bureaucrats, ranchers throughout the West are being squeezed off their land. They work in conjunction with liberal Federal judges who aid and abet the theft.

For those of you who still deny the manifestation of Agenda 21 we present the Wildlands Project, an effort to return most of the land to the wild and remove humans from it. This didn’t start under the Obama administration but it has certainly been accelerated under it.

In this comprehensive article we see the plan laid out in the simplest terms.

The Wildlands Project, now called the Wildlands Network, works in coordination with the government and other extremist groups. They have “set aside the goal of preserving 50% of the North American continent as ‘wild land’ for the preservation of biological diversity,” according to their own stated goals on their website. It conforms to the UN plan outlined in the map above.

The Wildlands plan is to create larger public lands by acquiring private lands adjoining public lands.

“Re-wilding” the land that they have set aside for nature requires moving humans into human settlements.

David Foreman, former board member of Sierra Club, is the current Director of the Rewilding Institute. He believes, as do many of his colleagues, that we must control human population growth. “We must stabilize and then reduce population to stop driving extinction of species, destruction of ecosystems, and production of greenhouse gases,” he said.

Foreman is the Founder of Earth First which he described as a warrior society in the 1980′s. It is believed he has engaged in assault and vandalism and has promoted violence.

How Foreman sees humans in relation to the rest of the world is clear: “An individual human life has no more intrinsic value than does an individual Grizzly Bear life. Human suffering resulting from drought and famine in Ethiopia is tragic, yes, but the destruction there of other creatures and habitat is even more tragic.”

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