Taxing Your Roof

This very well thought out letter was found on Blue Hampshire of all places.

It criticizes a program which promotes the silly idea that homeowners with ‘roofs’ are creating stormwater runoff, water which can only come from — storms.

The whole sentence reads: “If your home has a roof, a lawn, or a driveway, chances are your property creates stormwater… There is no chance that a property of any kind creates stormwater. Only a storm can do that. Please ask the authors of this brochure to figure out what they really mean”, says the writer.

The whole DRIP program is a precursor to attempting to add roof/walkway/driveway taxes to the already large tax burdens borne by homeowners in this state.

Yes people this is the Agenda 21 that is so often called a ‘conspiracy theory’ by the left. Maybe they are starting to wake up?