Best Article To Understand Regionalism

We just came across this fantastic article that really outlines the purpose and intent of “regionalism” as it is being imposed upon the people of the USA, indeed the world, albeit under programs of different titles.

It is the worst kind of top-down federal intrusion you will ever see, but sadly some still think it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’.

The article is long but here is an overview: “Met Council’s ‘Thrive’ plan has a bullying effect” by Katherine Kersten written for the St Louis Tribune on September 19, 2014.

Their regional group is called the “Metropolitan Council” which Kersten says is “our seven-county area’s unelected regional government, whose 17 members all were appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton. The council intends to use “Thrive MSP 2040,” its new 30-year development plan, to transform our housing patterns and practices. It’s determined to use the plan’s intrusive, top-down controls to make us better people, despite ourselves.

Does “Thrive MSP 2040” sound like NH’s Granite State Future program? That is because basically it is exactly like it. The programs all come from top down, fueled by federal EPA and HUD grants, and all have the same goals for each region.

Over time, Thrive will rearrange our communities around “transit-oriented development” — apartments or condos over small shops near train stations, generally subsidized by taxpayers. The plan reflects what Kotkin calls a fantasy vision of “city as adult Disneyland or ‘entertainment machine,’ chockablock with chic restaurants, shops and festivals” — the “ideal locale for hipsters and older, sophisticated urban dwellers.”

The agenda is the same — squeeze us into places where we have little mobility outside of the assigned area. After all, we will be much easier to control in this Orwellian-style arrangement, than if allowed to spread out and build in the rural areas.

In 2013, the council analyzed every census tract in the seven-county region by income, race and ethnicity. Its purpose was to identify “Racially Concentrated Areas of Poverty” and “high opportunity clusters” — essentially areas with high-performing schools and low crime rates.

It now intends to use this information to disperse people across the region in a government-sanctioned demographic mix. But it lacks the statutory authority to do so. So in its new 106-page Thrive “Housing Policy Plan,” it has concocted a scheme to compel municipalities to take the necessary steps themselves. (Public comment on the draft plan ends Friday, with adoption in November.)

This is how they plan to use the EPA/HUD/DOT to forcibly put in place the UN’s Agenda 21 plan to redistribute the wealth by integrating neighborhoods — surely you have heard about “workforce housing” coming to a town near you?

What we have here is the corralling, integrating, and restricting of the populace, all in one fell swoop. This is Agenda 21. This is the attempt to control every aspect of your lives. This is Granite State Future, and this is what you will be speaking up against when and if you attend the open public meetings scheduled for each region in NH, which are to review the regions’ Master Plans.

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