Regionalism’s Propaganda Machine

Are people who live in cities are healthier than their rural counterparts?

Ken Burns-style video with commentary from Rosa Koire:

This is a Classic UN Agenda 21 propaganda piece. What did you learn? That people who don’t support ‘Quality Growth’ (the new term for Smart Growth) have a ‘pathological suspicion of leadership.’ We are akin to ‘those who are prejudiced.’ We’re told in this video that Smart Growth regional central planning is the key to the future and that our opposition is unfounded. The funniest thing in the piece is the admonition to planners that they not view us (the opposition) as ‘monogamous hinds.’ I think he meant ‘homogeneous’. This hokey, folksy, Ken Burns-y propaganda video is designed to shut you up and make you go away. Don’t be fooled.

If you’d like to get a true picture of what PlanET is all about, get the big picture from Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.

This is a non-partisan, worldwide, grassroots fight — blue and red together.

Rosa Koire
Post Sustainability Institute