SB 315 Called for New Certification Board for Building Inspectors

But bill dies in committee

We’d like to have given Senator Sharon Carson the benefit of the doubt, but it was tough when her husband Gregory Carson is the lead lawyer and representative for HUD in NH.

When anyone questions the Granite State Future program, he is the one they send to put out the fires and quell the ‘myths’. Only he hasn’t convinced those who have done our homework about how intrusive and binding it is for towns, once they accept these ‘sustainability’ grants, to circumvent the mandates.

The question is, you have to wonder why his wife, Senator Sharon Carson, was sponsoring legislation to establish “the board of building officials for the certification and regulation of persons enforcing the state building code and conducting building inspections.”

Bill Text SB 315

As it turns out, the bill went to “interim study” which means “death with dignity”. Good thing for that. We couldn’t help but think this was yet another tactic in a multi-pronged attack on our local control, a measure being taken to ensure that the ‘board’ is zoning ordinance friendly, that is to say, zoning ordinances that come with or are changed by participation in federal grants such as Granite State Future.