The Raw Deceit of Envision Utah

Another plan that is attempting overtake the American way of life, this time in Utah. Yes this is going on in every single state in the nation, not just NH.

The Raw Deceit of Envision Utah
By John Anthony
Sustainable Freedom Labs

Planners call Envision Utah a ‘national model’ for regional planning. The Brookings Institute cited Utah as a “leader in [voluntary] regional planning…”

Behind the inflated congratulations lies sophisticated deceit and manipulation fast becoming the standard for regional planning.

Envision Utah began over 15 years ago as a public-private partnership offering recommendations to cities and counties to preserve open space, increase transportation choices and more.

Envision Utah claims to have one of regional planning’s most successful outreach programs. Nearly 2000 people attended 50 workshops and 17,500 responded to online and mail-in surveys. Yet, the turnout is no wonder.

In one of the longest-running marketing campaigns in planning history, Envision Utah proponents assured residents that joining the plan was voluntary. There would be no un-elected regional councils, no regional plan, and the community would design the planning scenarios. This ‘no-risk’ campaign effectively disarmed community members’ objections, leaving planners free to advance their programs beneath a mantel of “neutrality”.

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