NH Activists Lauded in National Review Article

The biggest reason to attend town meetings which are coming up in your town soon!

National Review author Stanley Kurtz has mentioned some of our best NH activists in his latest article about Obamazone and the “Affirmatively Fair Housing Act” and the reason why towns should reject HUD grant funds.

To all our volunteers, those mentioned and those not mentioned, your work may be anonymous but it is not going unrecognized.

We haven’t always been able to get the numbers of people to town meetings as we would like. As you might know, in NH, town meetings (running anywhere from January – June each year) is where residents vote up or down on zoning changes. It is less clear how much say they have in these HUD grants, which are facilitated by ‘Regional Planning Commissions’, boards of unelected bureaucrats who operate just outside of public control and with specially selected NGOs. In our case it’s the Carsey Institute of UNH which actually employs a PR firm (NH Listens) and actors to steer public opinion at under advertised, under attended Delphi sessions.

We are grateful that Kurtz has given this issue of regionalism some mainstream attention. We who fight regionalism can no longer to be considered ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Full NRO Article Here