All Hail to the Unelected!

The UN has no right, and the TPP has taken more of our sovereignty.

TN Note: The U.N’s goal to convert the global economy to Sustainable Development from Capitalism and Free Enterprise is completely shared with the global elite, and hence, with the trade agreements that they control. Thus, using the TPP and TTIP Agreements to harmonize trade regulations throughout the world in order to complete the work that the U.N. started should be fully expected.

Major deals between developed and developing economies are not commonplace: On September 25, the 193 members of the United Nations announced a new global action plan for achieving Sustainable Development Goals including no poverty in any form by 2030. A week later, the Transpacific Trade Partnership, or TPP, concluded negotiations that form the largest regional trade agreement in history, one representing nearly 40 percent of global GDP.

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