Obama Ignores Supreme Court, Will Sign Climate Agreement

Ignoring the ruling that should have stopped him, Obama will sign the Paris climate pact, which puts the United States further under the thumb of world government. Along with world government comes more taxation, more restrictions, more redistribution of the wealth overseas, and less adherence to the constitution.

“The Obama administration will officially sign last year’s international climate change pact despite its central policy being put on ice by the Supreme Court.

Todd Stern, the State Department’s top climate diplomat and negotiator for last year’s agreement in Paris, said Tuesday that the Supreme Court’s order to delay the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan — called a “stay” in legal terminology— doesn’t change the administration’s plans.

“It is entirely premature, really premature to assume the Clean Power Plan will be struck down but, even if it were, come what may, we are sticking to our plan to sign, to join,” Stern told reporters in Brussels after he met with the European Union’s top climate official, according to Reuters.

“We’re going to go ahead and sign the agreement this year,” he said.

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 last week to put the climate change rule for power plants on hold while 26 states and various energy interests fight it in federal court.”

Need any more proof that our government is the outlaw?

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The fact that Obama can get away with this without risking harm to one hair on his head, is proof that the criminals are indeed in charge.

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