“Agency Tyranny – How to stop HUD’s Devastating Attack on Property Rights”

“Agency Tyranny – How to stop HUD’s Devastating Attack on Property Rights” is a free downloadable book created by John Anthony from Sustainable Freedom Lab. Download it HERE.

Agency Tyranny - Stopping HUD

In the name of reducing housing discrimination, HUD has greatly expanded its mandate to cover social issues, zoning laws and land use. Their latest rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, already has a history of using the force of compliance reviews and legal threats to overturn voters’ decisions; control local zoning and land use, and coerce communities to join regions.

Our new eBook describes the history of our nation’s cultural attacks on private property. See how federal agencies usurp local choices, and how communities can protect themselves from federal encroachment. Contains over 80 sources.

In other news from Sustainable Freedom Lab:

HUD Developments – Following a Executive Order issued in September, 2015, HUD is now piloting an effort to use “behaviorally-informed messages” to increase the number of students fully completing their application for federal aid. The program is in conjunction with the Department of Education.

Other Agency Developments – Attorney, Karen Budd-Falen has written an important article on The Major Regulatory Expansion of Endangered Species Act Listing and Critical Habitat Designations.

The government’s new ESA designations contain serious concerns for all private property owners.

Part of the government’s decision-making is now based on the pseudo-scientific method of “conservation biology” which will greatly expand critical habitats designations.

When combined with the President’s new approach of listing species throughout an entire range, whether or not they are endangered, places private property owners at severe risk.