George H.W. Bush Speech Revisited

It may not have sunk into your brain at the time, but it should have by now. We revisit this State of the Union speech to see what Bush 41 really meant…


In 1991, when George H.W. Bush gave his State of the Union speech, he said the following:

“What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind — peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law.”

The ‘New World Order’ is a strategic plan to re-engineer our lives – from our neighborhoods, our educational system, our borders, to how our government operates – and the relationship our country has with others. And they are doing it – not just in this country, but in countries all over the world.

You ask what is the strategic plan? It is by creating regionalism.

Regionalism is dialectic materialism. Dialectical Materialism is:

“A philosophy founded by Karl Marx… which forms the basis of Communist doctrine: it combines the materialistic idea of matter over mind with the Hegelian dialectic in which opposing forces are constantly being reunited at a higher level.” — Lexicon Webster Dictionary…/community_policing.htm


There is no doubt our government is working towards regionalism…

The ultimate goal is to rewild large areas of the United States – putting them under the “protection” of managers…

In 1972, the United States as a member of the United Nations, agreed to the UNESCO convention concerning the protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

Under the UNESCO convention, the plan is to have global managers [partners] “protecting and managing” land. Redistribution of population must be in accordance with resources as government must control the use of land in order to achieve equitable distribution of those resources. Land use must be controlled through zoning and planning government must control excessive profits from land use. Urban and rural land reform should be done through public ownership of land, and public authorities should hold developing rights of land and should be separated from owner rights.

Our legislative priorities are now almost entirely focused on destroying rural economies. The most notable of these policies is REWILDING, which is defined as the re-introduction and/or promotion of top-tier predator species that directly compete with humans. REWILDING accelerates the disintegration of rural economies and lifestyles by imposing conditions and regulations detrimental to traditional activities such as livestock production, natural resource extraction, and hunting.

The NAWPA Memorandum of Understanding is a multinational agreement signed by the department heads of seven of our our Federal land management agencies including the BLM, NPS, USFWS, USFWS, and USDA. These unelected bureaucrats signed an international agreement with their counterparts in Canada and Mexico promoting a single vision for North American wilderness preservation. Their goal is to create a working alliance in order to make REWILDING projects.


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Land abandonment is accelerating all across Europe. Young people are leaving rural areas for the cities. By the year 2030, an additional 30 million hectares of farming and grazing land in Europe will be abandoned. This movement to increased urbanization is seen as very desirable by the REWILDING proponents.

American youth moving from rural areas to the cities as in Europe.

The result ––finance.html

Every passing day a higher percentage of the world’s population is being concentrated into urban centers, called “MEGA-REGIONS” by global planners. The goal is to create a tightly regulated “sustainable” and highly interconnected world by the year 2050.


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Yes it’s a conspiracy, and it’s very real.

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