Letter to the Editor of The Herald Journal, Utah

This fantastic letter pertaining to “Envision Utah” (a program similar to NH’s Granite State Future) was seen online as it was submitted to the Herald Journal in Utah.

This is what every citizen should know and question about their government, in every single state, where similar programs are being conducted, often without the knowledge or approval of the general public.

To the editor:

Whether one realizes it or not there is a war going on in this country between two ideologies/philosophies. In the news an example is the war playing out with President Trump. His expression aside, the real issue is that his views are contrary to the bureaucracy, to the power controlling this country for over a hundred years.

Ask your children what is, “Our Global Neighborhood”? Ask teachers, nurses, high school students, college students, your forest ranger, local officials. What is “Envision Utah”? What is “Common Core”? Ask contractors what they know about “sustainable development” and farmers about federal land management policy. No doubt they have heard of these but don’t really know what any of them really are, or who is behind them, or why, yet they are willing to adopt and follow as directed. Ask local boards, like those who are deciding what you can do with your property, how they were appointed and what constitutional principle they are following in making decisions. Ask what nongovernmental organizations are directing our policy for local development of housing, roads, and use of personal property.

Why should any of this matter to you? Consequences! What is the war? In simple terms it is explained by identifying and comparing principles of light, truth, freedom, verses darkness of excessive power, control, and greed. Do people who are “elite,” so called “experts,” supposedly better educated, people who “care more,” people who know better than you what is good for you, do these people have the right to make your decisions? Do unelected bureaucracies have the right to decide what is acceptable use of available resources, the right to decide what is allowed in a “free market” and what is acceptable immigration to benefit their interests? Should these people through bureaucracy and regulations be allowed to create an administrative state that has complete power for the “common good,” to promote “central planning” and direction of humanity as a resource through workforce training?

Public policy designed by professionals and bureaucrats; implemented administratively with minimal elected input is assured by economic incentives and disincentives and with public relations campaigns coordinated by government-funded non-government organizations. It is time to become involved, educated and willing to act. Refuse all tax increases which fund this process and stop donating to NGO’s.

Debra Haas