Don’t Like Agenda 21/2030? You’re a Terrorist

Another NGO working with the federal government, which must be stopped…

Among the The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of racists and extremists who in their eyes qualify to be categorized as terrorists, are those who oppose the urbanism agenda. They are now trying to connect the fight for property rights with racism.


You can view their ‘hate map’ here. Note that even a Catholic group from NH is included.

The SPLC have written no less than four reports on Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center. In no way does Tom DeWeese, one of our fellow Agenda 2030 fighters, deserve to be categorized as a terrorist.

The supporters of Congressman Ron Paul, one of the most constitutional figures ever to serve in Congress, are also listed as extremists and potential terrorists in the reports they regularly send to law enforcement across the country.

“The list of potential terrorists, according to these fallacious reports and many more, included anyone who voted for Ron Paul for president, for example.”

Tom advises us that “In 2010 DHS organized a ‘Countering Violent Extremist Working Group.’ Its purpose was to teach local law enforcement to counter terrorism. But, in actuality, this is the root of militarizing local police forces. The SPLC also runs the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center which issues official certification to police groups all over the country for fighting ‘hate’ groups – right wing groups. And it is funded by the Department of Homeland Security!”

So, the SPLC can call ordinary Americans fighting for less government, lower taxes, property rights and a return to local control “terrorists” and can advise law enforcement about same.

We agree with Tom when he says “SPLC is a dangerous group, guilty of the hate it claims to fight. It is trying to take away the Constitutional rights of Americans to hold opposing views. It seeks to destroy any debate or opposition to its ideas.

That wouldn’t be a threat to you and me, except for the fact that SPLC is so closely tied to one of the federal government’s most powerful (and in my view) dangerous agencies – DHS.”

Tom reports:

Just weeks ago, based on SPLC’s list of so-called “hate” groups on the right, DISCOVER Card – one of the nation’s largest credit card companies – denied a conservative group to use their cards to accept donations.

Right after that, QuickBooks, a popular accounting service cancelled a subscription for its product used by a Christian organization.

Most recently, the online payment company PayPal has refused to let a Conservative group use their service for fundraising.

Each of these incidents were based on the companies finding these groups on the SPLC list of hate groups.

There have been several reports of the social media giant FaceBook censuring and banning conservative posts and pages.

Google has taken steps to deny internet searches to conservative websites.

All of these things are based on the SPLC’s listing of Conservative organizations as “hate groups.

The bottom line is SPLC is leading the charge to destroy our ability to raise funds, communicate or do any kind of business in this nation.

How long will it be before we are denied the ability to rent halls for our meetings, denied the ability to travel, before we start having our homes or property confiscated or even face arrest for “spreading hate?”

Yes Tom is looking for donations. GSF(s) is not in the habit of asking for money, but instead of donating to partisan groups that are getting nothing done, you might rethink where your money is going and help Tom, who may in all likelihood be looking to file a lawsuit. (This is not confirmed but we can’t see any other way he could begin to fight what is happening)

Tom has joined a coalition of 45 other Conservative and Christian organizations to fight back. They are demanding that the US Congress closely investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center and its ties to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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