Your Master Plan is Part of the UN’s Master Plan

The town of Bedford NH has just ‘approved’ a 29,000-square-foot building that will house 133 rental units…

As reported in the Union Leader, “…the town’s master plan supports bringing residential and mixed-use development…”

Trouble is, the town’s master plan was NOT created or approved by the residents, but concocted by the (unelected) Regional Planning Commission, which takes its orders from the American Planning Association (merely an NGO), which in turn follows the United Nations (unelected NGO) “urbanism” agenda — a plan for every country.

Did you vote for this? I know I didn’t. What happens in your town is being determined by a little-known program called ‘Granite State Future’, all based on ‘sustainability’ due to the climate HOAX.

Residents of every town should object to what these cryptic quasi-governmental agencies are doing to determine their town’s fate.