Washingtonians Want to Create a New “Free State”

Some Washingtonians are holding a fundraiser for their “Liberty” state effort…

A local group of citizens who want to create a 51st state by carving away a significant portion of Eastern Washington (State) are holding a fundraiser in Colville on Saturday, January 20 in an effort to get 100 “Liberty” state flags flying by the month of January.

The event is being hosted by the Stevens County Property Rights Group (SCPRG) and will begin at 3:00 PM at the Ag Trade Center at the Stevens County Fairgrounds in Colville. A live auction and dessert auction are planned in an effort to raise the $4,000 needed to make 100 flags for the proposed 51st state, which would be called “Liberty.”

You have to hand it to these people for being awake and aware. Note that in the Pacific Northwest, Agenda 2030 has progressed even faster than it has here in the east, so it is no wonder these folks are rebelling against the status quo and see the only escape is to start their own state.

The article notes that to “legally create a new state a majority vote of the Washington State legislature is required, as is approval by Congress, per the U.S. Constitution.”

This sounds like something similar to the Free State Project, who in 2004, decided they would make New Hampshire their home, a state which they hope will be kept as free from government as possible. The FSP is the vehicle that gets people to NH, but after they arrive, they are on their own as far as how politically active they become. The Washingtonians behind this 51st state effort say that they were prompted to do this because of opposition to the “Growth Management Act, Common Core standards in public schools, over-regulation by the Department of Ecology and other issues.”

We truly hope that the Free State Project participants, when they come to NH, will read our working group blog here at Granite State Future(s) and understand that the same freedoms are being taken from them in THIS state, and where to go and what to do to stop it!

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