Property Owners Push Weatherford to Drop Forced Annexation “Land Grab”

“Due to public backlash, a city in Parker County (TX) has dropped plans to forcibly annex 1,300 acres of unincorporated private property – for now.

The City of Weatherford was prepared to rush through involuntary annexations of over 50 properties in the Zion Hill area. City council members had hoped to conclude the process quickly, before a new state law takes effect December 1 that will require certain cities to get owners’ approval before annexing their property.

Weatherford’s haste to lay claim to the Zion Hill land – with or without the owners’ consent – also coincided with a vote in November by the nearby community of Peaster to incorporate, a move that could limit Weatherford’s future expansion.

Pushback from concerned property owners across the county put a temporary stop to Weatherford’s annexation plans.”

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