So Much for Paris Agreement

Conservatives were justifiably happy when President Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement, in denial of the global warming “threat”.

This of course was merely symbolic as it did nothing to stop the one-world “sustainable” agenda which is firmly embedded into our globalist US State Department. The federal government is thoroughly committed to the UN Agenda, and it can be seen in every agency as well as in our school systems. Through federal meddling and “grants”, this agenda trickles down to our towns and cities.

As we have written before, this is something that must continue to be fought at the local level wherever the feds have meddled in our towns and cities, by virtue of NH’s quasi-governmental “regional planning commissions“.

But now, the President seems to have done a complete 180º turn and has succumbed to pressure from climate change lobbyists.

We were truly hoping this was a hoax, but sadly it is not.

“This past Tuesday, President Trump signed a bill into law that formally recognizes climate change as a national security threat to the United States. While the president has long railed against climate change and advocated for fossil fuels, the Trump Administration and a Republican-controlled Congress have taken a small but significant step towards formally recognizing climate change. Now that this stance has become codified law, the United States will be further pressured to act.”

The group claims that “The newly signed law is a hard-earned result of the bipartisan organizing done by the Climate Solutions Caucus.”

Bad enough, this was part of another bill that increased the government’s ability to spy on citizens: “The climate change provision reached the president’s desk as an amendment to the must-pass, annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Republican leadership attempted to remove the provision from the bill, but were defeated when 46 Republican representatives defected and voted to uphold the provision.”

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