Is Gun Control a Goal of Agenda 2030?


As we have proven many times before, regionalism is just one small step toward the bigger goal of rearranging the normal political divisions of a constitutional republic into networks of global “megacities” resulting in the loss of local control. The loss of local control is clearly cited as one of the barriers to urbanism and regionalism. Regionalism is but one step toward a unified world government, and consolidating countries into “unions” such as the EU, an even larger step.

Due to the recent unfortunate events in Florida there has been much debate over gun control. Some deny that gun control may lead to total gun confiscation.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other pro-second amendment groups who merely seek to preserve the right to keep and bear arms, have come under criticism. Those crying for gun control are claiming these groups oppose any gun control because of fears that it would lead to total gun confiscation. We believe the NRA and other groups may be 100% CORRECT.

The United Nations does seek TOTAL SMALL ARMS DISARMAMENT, not just the abolition of nuclear weapons. (The knotted gun sculpture at their New York headquarters might give a hint.) Our federal government has been proven to be 100% committed to the UN agenda, as if our constitution did not exist. This conclusion is easy to reach after merely perusing all the information gleaned from UN’s multitudinous websites outlining all their treaties, compacts, commissions, and resolutions, and their push toward regionalism and the subsequent creation of regional councils in the USA, governing bodies which would replace LOCAL CONTROL. You can see that this agenda has been adopted by examining your US State Department website where they are up front and in your face: DHS Promotes Agenda 21 and Smart CitiesSome of the US’s Agenda 2030 Goals (example)US State Department’s Global Goals

What more proof does anyone need? To continue to believe that there are no mandates from or authority held by the UN is to ignore the voluntary adoption of these ideas by our Federal and State governments.

Those who say there is “no such thing” as the goal of total gun confiscation and/or one world government by way of regionalism are sadly uninformed and naive.