Smart Cities and PPPs Take Hold in Congress

To understand how the global government will be acheived, one must understand regionalism.

In a previous article we told you about the Smart Cities Caucus, made possible by a bipartisan group of Congressmen (Darrell Issa on the GOP side) and a group known as “Venture Smarter” (who actually tried to claim their efforts had nothing to do with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals but was later proven wrong).

We also wrote about the increased use of, and name change for Public Private Partnerships, which will now be called “Blended Finance“.

Here is the result of their second ‘stakeholder roundtable’ which was focused on ‘growth of cities, states, regions…’.

This is where much of the push for commuter rail, section 8 housing, and car-less cities originates.

“There is no one-size fits all solution to smart cities as each city, state, and municipality, face their own unique challenges. However, public private partnerships, with the right collection of partners – including universities, large and small businesses, NGOs – have the ability to transform our cities and regions.”

The above quote from their ‘takeaway‘ clearly states that special interests, NOT YOU THE VOTER, are taking over local control.

“Department of Homeland Security, Venture Smarter, Regional Smart Cities Initiatives, ITSA, Uber, Lyft, Con Edison, Nokia, Smart Cities Council, and other organizations all contributed to a productive conversation focused on helping Congress prioritize policy and funding efforts to accelerate the research, development, and implementation of new transportation technologies and strategies that can more efficiently and effectively move people and goods in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country.”

Is this what you want?