Big Picture Globalists Behind Climate Hoax

In New Hampshire this has already been done. It was done in Pittsfield, and in Manchester. It goes on more than you know.

Sustainable finance could extend its scope beyond climate change, says Doha Bank CEO

As usual, Central banks are key players in promoting the cause for the one-world agenda.

“Central banks play a key role in enabling green financial instruments by establishing green finance guidelines and frameworks to integrate environmental and social considerations into bank lending decisions…”

The “NH Listens” PR firm has already interfered in education and other areas not just city and town planning. This is climate change advocacy running amok.

“Institutions should explore the concept of sustainable finance to other sustainable development goals based on their willingness and risk appetite to participate in financing such areas,” the article went on to say.

They want to control your whole life, and see the climate change/sustainability hoax as the vehicle driving the ‘unity’ of a one world government.

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