Goffstown Joins World Health Org Plan to Design Master Plan

As we reported before, Goffstown and Portsmouth were two towns in NH that joined the WHO/AARP program to help them craft their Master Plans, starting with a survey. The survey we saw from Bedford listed all the items on the United Nations’ wish list, used in their effort to “urbanize” America.


Yes, Master Plans are supposed to be “facilitated” by NH’s Regional Planners, (commissions created out of thin air by the legislature back in 1967) which remain unelected and unaccountable to the taxpayers. The groups to which they connect are also unaccountable, private groups (NGOs such as WHO, UN, APA, AARP, etc).

Here is an article from the Union Leader that confirms that Goffstown residents have joined this partnership undertaken by their town. Did most Goffstown residents see the survey if one has been offered? If not, how many will see it?

Two NH towns receive coveted distinction from AARP

You have to love UL newspaper’s “spin” — as if being chosen for this program should ever be considered a “distinction”. The only distinction these towns deserve is that they are defying local control in favor of international groups with an agenda.

While looking for contact information about the “correspondent” we discovered that Travis R. Morin actually WORKS for AARP! We could not have made this up.

Suggestion is that ALL Goffstown residents immediately get a copy of their Master Plan and see what made its way in, things that they may not even know about or want.

People did not move to Bedford and Goffstown to become “urbanized” or to level the playing field for spoiled millennials who cannot afford to buy homes here yet.

Goffstown’s Master Plan can be found here.