Mainers Fight Power Lines

Recently in New Hampshire, residents defeated the Northern Pass project, which threatens to come back for another try.

In Maine, residents are going through a similar situation.

Some comments from Mainers regarding proposed Canadian hydroelectricity lines that would go through Maine to Massachusetts:

“We are not here to act as a power cord for Mass. WE do not need to sacrifice anything to power New England. Let Mass generate their own energy.” – Chris Scerbo

“Most of the power lines are in place already! Wind power causes way more destruction by blowing holes on tops of our beautiful mountains! Hydro power is steady, reliable and affordable!” – Jack Wadworth

“It’s a power line, it doesn’t ruin the forest or wildlife. On the other hand, the house where you live does!” – David Barker

“I live on Cape Cod, drive a Prius and have solar panels. They are so efficient that they supply my house with almost all the power needed for the year. The technology is already here. It is not necessary for Massachusetts to import power from Canada.” – Wendy Williams

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