Smart Cities for the Dumbed Down Masses

As the smarter among you already know, Smart Cities (being promoted under the ‘new urbanism’) are being created in order to herd us into more controllable areas, curb the population, and preserve rural lands for the wildlife only.

Part of the control will be the 5G network, or ‘internet of things’.

Nothing you do will be private any longer.

Benjamin Freed of Technocracy News – Trilateral Commission: 5G Technology Will Be The Backbone Of Smart Cities said, “Gen. James Jones is a member of the Trilateral Commission and was President Obama’s first National Security Advisor (NSA). He never used computers at the White House because they were not secure, but for us, somehow 5G is going to be secure as it lights up Smart Cities and autonomous driving? Consider the source: the Trilateral Commission has been the primary actor in pushing modern Technocracy since its inception in 1973.”

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