The Bigger Purpose of Regionalism

Underneath the supposed altruism of pushes for things such as “new urbanism” lies a deeper motivation — that of regionalism, and regional government. As the righthand sidebar quotes explain, one cannot simply wave a magic wand and convert the United States into a network of global mega-cities under a central global authority in one fell swoop. It must be done incrementally with unelected regional councils.

We have previously noted that in other states, these regional councils have been given authority to approve grants and zoning applications. Thankfully New Hampshire has not yet come to this point. But it will happen eventually if “regionalism” by the unelected is not nipped in the bud.

So next time someone tells you it’s the government’s job to provide “complete streets” or “workforce housing”, look past the surface and any altruistic motives and see beyond to the bigger goal of changing the political landscape via “regional government”.

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