Outlaw Single Family Homes?

Well, we predicted it would come to something like this, but were called “conspiracy theorists”. And they aren’t even ashamed to admit that it’s social engineering to be done to “end economic and racial segregation”, among other things.

That’s what the “stack ‘n pack” “new urbanism” fad is all about, controlling who lives where and in what kind of homes.

What are we talking about? In Oregon, a bill that is being sponsored by Speaker of the House Tina Kotek would basically outlaw single-family zoning in cities with 10,000 or more people. Yes, you read that right, OUTLAW SINGLE FAMILY HOMES.

“News of Kotek’s legislation was first reported in Willamette Week, which stated she is introducing it as an effort to address housing shortages and end economic and racial segregation that the R-1 zoning restrictions cause. If the bill passes, Oregon would become the first state in the nation to eliminate single-family zoning. The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota has recently eliminated the R-1 zone.

Read more for yourself… Kotek bill would outlaw single-family zone

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