Another Mode of Population Control

You hear it all the time — “The earth is overpopulated! We need to save the planet! We are running out of resources!”

Such is the cry of the Agenda2030 crowd. But people who spread the population control myth are unwittingly supporting the demise of their own class… the ruling elite would like to keep the world’s resources for themselves, after all.

Here is another way to do it… in addition to herding us into networks of “mega-cities”, they will now attempt to do what previous had only been done through unfettered abortion: price children right out of the picture.

“At the end of last year, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission weighed a proposed zoning change that would effectively ban new day-care centers—along with tire stores and car repair shops—in a large chunk of northwest Philadelphia. The bill swiftly encountered fierce resistance, and it now appears dead. But the effort to block additional child-care facilities with a zoning overlay hints at a broader relationship between city planning and the cost of raising children. A growing body of research indicates that restrictive zoning—which often blocks the services and housing that families need—may help to explain why family sizes are shrinking in the United States.”

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How ‘Vasectomy Zoning’ Makes Childless Cities

We may have posted the following video before, but it’s worth another look.

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