The Only Way to Describe This is Surveillance

In this disturbing article Can the Sustainable Development Goals Be Measured by Satellite?, it is suggested that countries be MONITORED by satellite for their compliance and progress with the UN’s “sustainable development goals”.

The article poses the question and offers a possible solution:

“A handful of countries are on track to meet SDG targets, but many more are lagging behind. Achieving the SDGs is challenge enough—but what about measuring them? Economists have estimated that conducting household surveys to monitor socioeconomic targets could cost as much as $254 billion over the lifetime of the SDGs. Reliability and consistency of data across countries is also an issue.

Is there a better way? In a paper published earlier this month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team from Aarhus University in Denmark explored the viability of using satellite data to monitor and measure some SDGs.”

Further they lament the idea that this type of surveillance would not be able to measure things like “gender equality” and that surveys were the normal instrument of measurement used for that type of item.

Now you know why the residents of the US slam the door on these survey takers. They likely come straight out of the World Health Organization and World Bank who have NO business in our country as they do NOT represent our government. One person we know called the police on them when they would not stop harassing her to fill out their invasive surveys. Good for her.