Lifestyle Taxes?

Rue the day we gave government the right to tax us.

In order to control how you live, some governments plan to tax your lifestyle.

In S. Africa and other countries, we read: Government to introduce new vehicle taxes to push people towards public transport

In NH, SB 241 is a bill proposed by those trying to fund commuter rail, usually a boondoggle for the taxpayers.

In NH, Lawmakers propose road usage fee on fuel-efficient vehicles

The situtation in NH is worse than you might think. It extends to housing as well.

People are stunned to learn that private, unelected, completely unaccountable groups and NGOs from outside the state and country are invited by local councils and selectboards to help decide the future of their towns.

As a result, we are seeing laws at the state level directing what towns must do.

SB 15 would have the state funding certain types of “workforce housing”. But like the “workforce housing” law, its constitutionality is in question.

Others are attempting to give these unelected, unaccountable regional planning commissions who currently have zero authority, the right to issue long-term bonds. This too must be stopped.

Some say it would never happen here, but in Oregon, a law is being proposed to end single-family zoning in cities of 10,000. Think that’s off the wall? Already a done deal in Minneapolis and in other areas citing “social injustice”. Baltimore is now required to move Section 8 housing to affluent areas.

SB 15 doesn’t mean we’ve gone that far — YET. But we have seen the incrementalism elsewhere.

Impervious surfaces such as your roof, walkaways, and driveway are being taxed in New Jersey. (Tried in Dover NH but failed)

If they don’t like your lifestyle, they will think of some way to tax you out of it, or otherwise make it unpleasant for you to continue it.

Don’t take our word for it, look it all up…