Keeping an Eye on the Regionalists

Behold the frightening powerful forces behind the corporately controlled planned society of the future, where ‘regional’ government will usurp local control and the constitution will have no bearing.

This is the group which, with help from Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, installed a Smart Cities Caucus as a permanent lobbying group in the US Congress.

“Venture Smarter is dedicated to catapulting governments, businesses, and universities into the 21st Century. Led by government and technology experts coming from The White House, US Congress, and leading technology companies, Venture Smarter serves an array of customers looking to invest in and benefit from digital transformation and smart city growth.”

Note the motto: “Accelerating the development of smart cities, regions, and industries”

From Quora:

“Socialism is the merger of corporations and government; actually the takeover of corporations by government.

Fascism is/was a brand of authoritarian socialism in which government exercises ownership of the means of production without taking formal title. (You still own your car but the government gets to use it.) Fascist governments let factory owners remain in charge and earn substantial profits as long as they (factory owners) do what government told them to do. It is more of a partnership, with government as the senior partner.

The U.S. has been adopting many of the elements of fascist socialism since the Progressive era, particularly when corporations realized government control (called “regulation”) helps keep out competitors. Monopoly socialism.

Fascism is a form of Progressivism, Italian Fascism was a particularly aggressive form. Spanish and Argentinian fascism were less so. We tend to associate fascism with Mussolini’s lust for conquest but that was Mussolini, not fascism.

Bolsheviks killed factory owners and put political operatives in charge. Fascism turns factory owners into political operatives.”

This is what happened in the public schools — only those who are politically aligned with the agenda are allowed to work, so they can spread the propaganda.

When government and corporations align, you have fascism.