Banning All Gas-Powered Cars?

From an Irish newspaper site, “Climate Change Plan Sees No New Petrol or Diesel Cars After 2030 and No NCT for Polluting Cars After 2045”

“The end of petrol and diesel cars in Ireland, as well as the end of oil and gas boilers in homes, has been announced by the Government as part of a new climate change plan.

In a dramatic bid to tackle climate change, and meet our EU targets on emissions, councils will be handed the power to restrict access to certain parts of towns and cities to zero-emissions vehicles only, under the ambitious new environmental plan.

And no petrol or diesel cars will be sold after 2030, with all such vehicles effectively banned from the road by 2045.”

Think this can’t happen in the USA? Think again. Is California ready to ban gas-powered cars? Not yet. But they’re thinking about it!

“Speaking at an air-quality workshop in San Diego, Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, was expected to toss in the idea of killing off gas-powered cars based on her prepared remarks. They called for her to list ways in which the state can get tougher on pollution.”

We have already seen the radical CNU list 10 highways it would like to rip up. CNU currently has proponents working in NH’s towns to craft your Master Plans. Bedford recently hired Tennessee company to rework their plan much to the dismay of residents who say TPUDC has an agenda because the principal of the group was a protégé of Andrés Duany, a Cuban from Florida who pushes for new urbanism and the political reorganization of the country into ‘city-states’ under the United Nations.

This is why it pays to keep an eye on local issues. Currently groups in NH are asking the Governor why he supports a 3-person state appeals board that would allow developers to override local town boards with regard to zoning, planning, and conservation decisions related to their projects. It is unthinkable but the plan to create this board is hidden in the budget as SB 306 and SB 15. Other bills that are detrimental to taxpayers and which they are asking him to veto are SB 241, SB 154, SB 43, SB 12, and HB 415.

So far, even after being contacted dozens of times, the Governor’s office has not returned their calls.