Ben Carson Agrees With Elimination of Single-Family Zoning

Why is it that soon after Republicans get elected they suddenly turn on us?

It would seem this would be the case with Ben Carson, former candidate for president, now head of HUD.

Dr. Ben Carson of HUD

Dr. Ben Carson of HUD

One of the biggest scams in the NH state budget is the fact that some Republican State Senators and the Governor himself are supporting a bill (SB 306) that has been hidden in the budget because they knew it would not pass on its own. It is part of the push to do away with local control and flood NH with low income housing per UN Agenda 2030.

Now we read that Republican Ben Carson supports the idea of getting rid of single-family zoning. Sound outrageous? Read more…

“Carson — who leads the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) — made his comments Tuesday during a visit to Minneapolis, where lawmakers voted last year to ditch single-family zoning, which had previously dominated the city limits. Speaking to reporters, Carson suggested more cities should follow Minneapolis’ example, and drew a connection between zoning and homelessness.”

“I want to encourage the development of mixed-income multifamily dwellings all over the place,” Carson said.

HERE you can find a list of bills the Republican Governor of NH should be repealing and/or removing from the budget.