Will Eliminating Options Force Your Habits?

We have written about this many times before… will restricting the availability of single-family housing or roads and parking for cars, curtail your desire for either? Apparently Minneapolis thinks so.

A plan called “Minneapolis 2040” has caused some residents to worry that the character of their neighborhoods will be ruined in a few years. (We maintain that this will be true)

“In a dramatic move aimed at addressing the city’s lack of affordable housing, the Minneapolis City Council in December approved a plan, which, among other things, effectively eliminates single-family zoning. Under the plan, called Minneapolis 2040, duplexes or triplexes are now welcomed on lots previously allowing just one home, with no requirement to add additional parking.”

Despite worried residents, “…urban planners in Minneapolis say they hope the plan will lead to a more walkable, more affordable, more environmentally friendly and more inclusive city thanks to higher density and an added supply of housing stock.”

This is basic social engineering, similar to the 1960s the “forced busing” in Boston. Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for president, is all for it. “People are recognizing the social equity and justice of single-family neighborhoods,” said Christopher Leinberger, a professor at George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis.

Fortunately, some residents see this for what it is. “There is this fantasy that if they make it really hard to drive and park, people will stop using cars,” said Constance Pepin, a semiretired training consultant and 35-year resident of Minneapolis.

It is definitely part the push to implement UN Agenda 2030, and the planners, regionalists, and new urbanists don’t even try to hide it anymore.

Read it for yourself, here.