How to Combat Agenda 2030 Deniers

When confronted with the prospect of Agenda21/2030, many deniers will drag out the old “conspiracy theory” excuse. It is a nice try to deflect from the root cause of this international communist movement. Unfortunately it’s not a theory, but rather common knowledge, plastered all over our US State Dept website in SUPPORT.

Darrell Issa (R) just consorted with Dems to install a permanent “Smart Cities Caucus” (lobby) in the US Congress.

Further, there have to be thousands, maybe even millions of pages devoted to the Agenda 21/2030 SDGs, MDGs, and related on the UN-associated websites.

The local planning departments have this book on their shelves. “Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide.”

And of course, just by visiting this blog’s main pages, there is so much more…

These deniers can play ostrich for only so long.