President Trump Restricts More Land

In addition to having to disabuse some people of the idea that Trump ‘ended Agenda 2030’ by not participating in the Paris Agreement, we offer this…

In addition to funding Agenda 2030 in the defense budget, more than any presdient before him, he also signed a bill that gives government the rights to 375,000 acres of new land.

“President Donald Trump signed the country’s largest wilderness preservation legislation in a decade, providing widespread protections for Joshua Tree and Death Valley national parks.

Trump’s signing of the National Resources Management Act, or S.47, marked a surprisingly overwhelming bipartisan congressional effort and began with the environmental protection bill introduced by Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski in January. The bill expands federally protected land, where there can be no logging, drilling, mining or road construction, and establishes 375,000 new acres of wilderness across California, Oregon, New Mexico and Utah. The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 92-8 and the House with a vote of 362-63.”

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With all the outrage over the Bundy Ranch issue you’d think that conservatives would have spoken out against this. Instead, your “republicans” are deceiving and betraying you.