NH’s Housing Shortage – This is NOT the Answer!

We are at loss to understand what the Governor of NH, a Republican, is thinking with his bi-partisan new plan that would mandate the towns include certain types of housing.

We question if this is even constitutional.

On October 30, 2019, a few days after a “casual lunch” with developers, the Governor announced his plan to mitigate the housing ‘shortage’ in NH. This has serious implications for all NH towns.

To sum up, it would require local boards to train in the language of ‘new urbanism’ by unelected regional planners, and would mandate the inclusion of low-income high-density housing.

It would also give MORE perks to developers which would create incentives to flood NH with high-density housing where it is not wanted or needed.

The only people who can win with this plan is developers. The taxpayers and single-family home owners lose.

The two LSRs associated with the plan have not yet had bill numbers assigned to them but we will keep you apprised as well as contact all State Representatives that they should oppose them vehemently.

Also, we are thankful for Senator Birdsell who has put in an LSR to repeal the Housing Appeals Board and has garnered co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle.

This plan is a blatant manifestation of Agenda 21!

Read in more detail.

– GSFs